Link roundup: Oct–Dec 2020

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The world came into a standstill in March, including this blog. Here’s to a restart.

Science | Genetic interaction mapping informs integrative structure determination of protein complexes
Chem Sci | Ligand design by targeting a binding site water
Sci. Rep | Statistics for the analysis of molecular dynamics simulations: providing P values for agonist-dependent GPCR activation
Science | Protein storytelling through physics Nice general MD review
J Med Chem | Chemists: AI Is Here; Unite To Get the Benefits
Sci. Rep | Moving targets in drug discovery

In the Pipeline | The New Mutations
It occurred to me that I’m trying to introduce mutations to my enzyme and here is the virus doing just that using the world as its test tube…What do you call this? Poignant? Amusing? Ironic?
The Atlantic | How COVID-19 Changes Our Sleep
The Atlantic | How Science Beat the Virus
Nature | The peanut snack that triggered a fresh approach to allergy prevention
How the novel coronavirus has evolved
Nature | Oxford COVID vaccine paper highlights lingering unknowns about results
PyCaret: Useful ML tool for chemoinformatics #chemoinformatics #RDKit #Machine learning
Nature | How to write a superb literature review
In the Pipeline | Get Ready for False Side Effects
Sci Am | The COVID Science Wars
Helen Berman: the crystallographer who pioneered the Protein Data Bank
Nautilus | Kim Stanley Robinson Holds Out Hope
Nature | Postdoc survey reveals disenchantment with working life
‘disenchantment’ is a curious diction… I suppose many of us have been charmed by the wizards of the ivory tower.
Life with purpose
Nature | Why your scientific presentation should not be adapted from a journal article
COVID-19 Molecular Structure and Therapeutics Hub
In the Pipeline | Vaccine Possibilities
SciAm | Mysteries of COVID Smell Loss Finally Yield Some Answers
Nature | Five rules for evidence communication
meta, biomedical research search engine
Nature | Science search engine links papers to grants and patents
C&EN | Covalent drugs go from fringe field to fashionable endeavor
In the Pipeline | Vaccine Efficacy Data!
How can climate be predictable if weather is chaotic?
brainpickings | Tenacity, the Art of Integration, and the Key to a Flexible Mind: Wisdom from the Life of Mary Somerville, for Whom the Word “Scientist” Was Coined
The New Yorker | How the Coronavirus Hacks the Immune System

Educated Fools: Why Democratic leaders still misunderstand the politics of social class
Beyond Tokyo and Jerusalem Shusaku Endo’s Silence review
Yo-Yo Ma, Kathryn Stott - Over the Rainbow (Official Video)
LARB | Of Course They Would: On Kim Stanley Robinson’s “The Ministry for the Future”
Thesis Whisperer | While you scream inside your heart, please keep working.
Do Elephants Have Souls?
Huawei, 5G, and the Man Who Conquered Noise
Wired | Remembrance
How to have a difficult conversation
Twitter magic realism bot
See a Stunningly Surreal Bookstore in China

Top 11 Github Repositories to Learn Python

Do you need a little darkness to get you going? –Mary Oliver

He adopted the following strategy: say what you know; what you don’t know; what you are doing to find out; what people can do in the meantime to be on the safe side; and that advice will change –Nature article

In my work as a mediator, I’ve learnt that successful conversations always involve what I call a ‘gem statement’. When two parties have listened long and hard to each other – have made the heroic effort to listen curiously and empathically even when they disagree strenuously – someone eventually unearths a glowing, priceless gem. It usually takes the form of a short, powerful statement –How to have a difficult conversation

aside from faith,
as far as you know,
you will never have another heart.
better to grow the one you were born with.
Anahata, by Lenelle Moïse

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